There are 43 mathematicians whose last name begin with MILLS.

Mills, Allan Louisiana State University 1995
Mills, Andrew University of Texas at Austin 2011
Mills, Ann University of California, Riverside 1982
Mills, Bradford University of California, Berkeley 1993
Mills, Charles University of Wisconsin-Madison 1983
Mills, David Stanford University 1975
Mills, Donald Clemson University 1999
Mills, Edwin University of Birmingham 1955
Mills, Frederick Columbia University 1917
Mills, George University of California, Berkeley 1977
Mills, Graham Monash University 1990
Mills, Graham
Mills, Harlan Iowa State University 1952
Mills, Harry University of Idaho 1999
Mills, Hugo University of Southampton 2002
Mills, Janet The Pennsylvania State University 1970
Mills, Joanna Dalhousie University 2000
Mills, Kristine Northwestern University 1998
Mills, Lillian University of Michigan 1996
Mills, Mara Harvard University 2008
Mills, Mark Iowa State University 1999
Mills, Melissa Oklahoma State University 2011
Mills, Michael Northwestern University 1999
Mills, Paul University of Cambridge 1984
Mills, Peter University of Idaho 2016
Mills, Pierre
Mills, Raymond Stanford University 1992
Mills, Richard College of William and Mary 2004
Mills, Robert Columbia University 1955
Mills, Roscoe California Institute of Technology 1935
Mills, Shirley University of Alberta 1983
Mills, Stuart Louisiana State University 1972
Mills, Terence University of Florida 1974
Mills, William Princeton University 1949
Millsaps, Gayle The Ohio State University 2005
Millsaps, Irene University of Tennessee - Knoxville 1975
Millsaps, Knox California Institute of Technology 1944
Mills Astley, Christina Harvard University 2006
Mills, Jr., Wendell University of Michigan 1976
Millson, John University of California, Berkeley 1973
Millspaugh, Richard The University of Oklahoma 1989
Millstein, Todd University of Washington 2003
Millstone, Marc New York University 2011